Fundraising & Event Planning

Fundraising & Event Planning

Since 1990, the partners of Capitol Strategy Group have specialized in fundraising for candidates, PACs, and other organizations in Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and Washington, D.C. Our vast experience enables us to offer expert fundraising consulting to our clients.

Our firm has the knowledge and infrastructure crucial to building an effective fundraising program.  We have essential expertise in writing and implementing a comprehensive finance plan including small and large events, direct mail, telemarketing solicitation, a candidate call program, and PAC fundraising in Washington, DC.  We work in concert with the client’s consultants and staff to make sure the campaign, PAC, or organization has the funds it needs to achieve success.  Having worked with numerous political campaigns, high pressure deadlines are our strong suit.

Capitol Strategy Group has worked with an impressive list of clients. For the 2010 election cycle, our firm managed fundraising for Nathan Deal’s gubernatorial campaign; congressional candidates Representative Austin Scott, Representative Mike Keown, and Martha Roby; the National Republican Congressional Committee; and a number of key members of the Georgia State Senate and House, including Senators Don Balfour, Bill Hamrick, and Jeff Mullis. Congressional clients in the 2010 election cycle were Congressmen Paul Broun, MD; Tom Graves; Tom Price, MD; Phil Roe, MD; and Lynn Westmoreland. 2008 election cycle clients included Major General Rick Godard in the 8th Congressional District and the Friends of Fred Thompson presidential campaign’s fundraising effort.

In addition to fundraising for candidates and their campaigns, Capitol Strategy Group’s fundraising team raises funds for a variety of other entities, including the Georgia FFA Foundation.  The Georgia FFA Foundation’s Annual Blue & Gold Gala and Auction is one of our largest and most successful events each year and we are extremely proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

Our firm also works with a number of state political action committees (PACs) in raising funds from their respective memberships. We have been successful in helping an existing PAC more than double its member participation, and they have met or exceeded their set goals. In 2006, we helped a large association establish their PAC, and it continues to grow today. We offer a range of PAC services, including PAC management. We have also worked with corporate PACs at the federal level.

Over the past ten plus years, the firm has served as fundraising consultants for U.S. Senate and House campaigns, Gubernatorial campaigns, PACs, Georgia State House and Senate races, and Presidential campaign efforts in the state of Georgia. Our firm has consistently assisted our clients in raising the most money for their given races and the cumulative amount raised per cycle dwarfs competing fundraising firms. During the 2010 cycle, clients of the firm raised an aggregate of just over $20 million.

Whatever the size and scope of a client’s fundraising or event planning needs are, Capitol Strategy Group is well prepared to meet the challenge!
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