Travis Lindley

Travis Lindley is a founding partner of Capitol Strategy Group with a history of success that has earned him recognition as a respected healthcare lobbyist and operative in Georgia. Lindley offers insider expertise by way of an extensive background in the areas of government affairs, lobbying, PAC fundraising and management, and grassroots/grass-tops advocacy projects.

Lindley has proven himself an instrumental advocate on behalf of healthcare professionals and organizations through his achievements regarding patient choice and safety, scope of practice, regulatory issues, and matters concerning budget and appropriations. He currently consults the Medical Association of Georgia, Georgia Society of Ophthalmology, the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association, the Georgia Medical Directors Association, United Surgical Partners International, the Georgia Society of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Georgia Society of Respiratory Care, Resurgens Orthopaedics, the Dental Partners of Georgia, Johnson & Johnson Services, AstraZeneca, CurePoint Cancer Treatment, the ENT Institute, Strategic Health Partners, Vital Smiles, and the Consumer Health Product Association.

Lindley also works with a number of Georgia political action committees in raising PAC funds and managing the PACs; among them are the GA Medical PAC, the GA Medical Eye PAC, the ASC-GA PAC, the GA Psychiatry PAC, and the GA-MD PAC.

Lindley manages grassroots campaigns in Georgia, Alabama, and Texas, impacting issues and legislation at the state and federal levels. Lindley has successfully executed regional components of a national public affairs campaign plan that included Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee. In 2007 and 2008, he worked with a Georgia patient advocacy group to develop and execute a legislative grassroots public affairs campaign pushing for patient prescription drug safety legislation.

Lindley and the clients with whom he works were heavily involved in the four-year legislative process around Certificate of Need reform in Georgia, which began during the 2005 Georgia legislative session and culminated during the 2008 legislative session. From the beginning, Lindley helped pull like-minded stakeholders together to form a working coalition to achieve legislative reform. In 2008, Lindley began working with a group practice of radiation and medical oncologists in south Georgia as part of their government affairs team; he also helped them establish a non-profit foundation.

During the 2015 legislative session, Georgia joined a growing number of states to pass legislation allowing for biosimilars. Lindley was the grassroots coalition coordinator for a coalition consisting of patient advocacy groups, physician groups, manufactures and key stakeholders. The legislation, which passed with overwhelming support and became law in July 2015, ensured that Georgia’s biosimilars law is among the strongest in terms of patient safety and patient/physician communication.

In 2002 Lindley worked on Senator Saxby Chambliss’ historic United States Senate campaign, and in 2004 he played a lead role in Congressman Tom Price’s hotly contested 6th District runoff. Lindley has also worked with Saxby Chambliss for Congress, Robin Hayes for Congress (NC), Mac Collins for Senate, Charlie Williams for Governor (MS), and U.S. Congressman Bob Barr’s re-election. Lindley has also worked on campaigns in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and North and South Carolina.

After achieving the Eagle Scout rank and obtaining a degree in Communications with a minor in Political Science from the University of West Georgia, Lindley began his political consultation career working for Congressman Bob Barr. In 1998 he assisted in the Georgia gubernatorial race for the Republican nominee, Georgia businessman Guy Millner. He then went on to serve with an Atlanta-based political consulting firm from 1999 until 2003. There he worked closely with the firm’s senior consultant and ultimately becoming a partner. Lindley resides in the Atlanta area and enjoys traveling, landscape photography, and spending time with his two dachshunds Tootsie and Zeus. He is also an avid collector of political memorabilia, and over the years has amassed an impressive collection.
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