Our Services

Our team is comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals with decades of combined experience in fundraising and government / public affairs consulting. With established relationships in Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, and Washington, D.C., we have the ability to offer our understanding and expertise in a wide range of areas to meet the needs of our clients.

The Capitol Strategy Group team has helped elect and reelect candidates to political office by providing quality strategic fundraising consulting and by executing a comprehensive campaign/political fundraising package both in-state and in Washington, DC.

Capitol Strategy Group consults, represents and lobbies on healthcare and pharmaceutical interests, business interests, physicians’ interests, and advocacy groups before the Georgia General Assembly and Georgia government as a whole. Our public affairs consultants have effectively executed many grassroots and grass-tops campaigns in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas.

Capitol Strategy Group also offers political action committee (PAC) fundraising consulting, PAC management consulting services, and PAC compliance services. We work with business, association and society PACs. Our medical specialty PACs are among the largest and most active in Georgia. The firm also provides Georgia ethics compliance services for our Georgia General Assembly clients.

Over the past ten plus years, the firm has served as fundraising consultants for U.S. Senate and House campaigns, Gubernatorial campaigns, PACs, Georgia State House and Senate races, and Presidential campaign efforts in the state of Georgia. Our firm has consistently assisted our clients in raising the most money for their given races and the cumulative amount raised per cycle dwarfs competing fundraising firms. During the 2010 cycle, clients of the firm raised an aggregate of just over $20 million.

In recent campaign cycles, we assisted and worked with winning campaigns in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas, including the campaigns of U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss and Governor Nathan Deal, U.S. Congressman Tom Price, MD, U.S. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, U.S. Congressman Paul Broun, MD, U.S. Congressman Tom Graves, U.S. Congressman Austin Scott and U.S. Congressman Martha Roby (Alabama). We also continue to work with current Georgia House and Senate Committee Chairmen to raise funds for their reelection efforts.

Government Affairs

  • Direct Lobbying
  • State Legislative Monitoring
  • PAC Managemen

Fundraising & Event Planning

  • Political Campaign Fundraising
  • PAC Fundraising
  • Non-Political Fundraising
  • State Ethics Compliance
  • Event Planning & Organization

Public Affairs

  • Grassroots & Grass-Tops Initiatives
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Statewide Field Representation
  • Message Development
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